Found My Teacher

Refund Policy

Please read the Subscription terms and Services carefully before subscribing to any of the subscription plans, as once you have subscribed you cannot change, cancel your subscription plan.

Once you subscribe and make the required payment, it shall be final and there cannot be any changes or modifications to the same and neither will there be any refund.

However under special circumstances, the Found My Teacher (“FMT” or “We” or “Our” or “Us”), shall generate a refund under given circumstances for the following:

1. Refund for Student(s)

A. In case, a Student is not satisfied by the Teaching Service(s) provided by the Teacher, such Student shall upon request to the FMT, along with reasons in writing, request for generation of refund. However, as per Subscription Policy, refund is an exception, and the FMT shall make best efforts to facilitate communication between the Student and the Teacher. Upon completion of communication process, and if such issues faced by the Student are genuine and bonafide, the FMT shall accept the request for the Student for refund. The request for refund for the situations under this clause can be processed only if the Student has attended a minimum of 20% of the total classes aimed/designed for conduct of such course opted by the Student.

B. In case, the Teacher after successful generation of Invoice, is not available, or absconding or denying for rendering the Teaching Service(s), in such a situation, the refund can be requested by the Student, upon successful verification of such information by the FMT.

C. Any refund generated by the Student under 1(A), We shall provide the refund to Student with the total fee paid by the Student deducting the minimum of twenty percent (20%) of total Subscription Fee paid by the Student;

D. In case the Teacher is unavailable, absconding, as per Clause 1 (B), the FMT shall make its best efforts to provide such Student, replacement Teacher, best understanding Student requirements. However, in case the Student denies to engage such replacement Teacher, FMT shall generate a refund of the total Subscription Fee paid by the Student, deducting a minimum amount of 20% of such total Subscription Fee paid by the Student;

2. Refund for the Teacher/contributor

A. In case, there is a refund initiated by the Student under 1 (A) and (B), the Teacher shall not be entitled to any payment by FMT and/or the Student, and such 20% of the total Subscription Fee deducted by FMT from the Student Refund, the Teacher shall not be entitled to any amounts for any Teacher Tuition Fee, as there lies a deficiency on the Teaching Service(s), and the FMT shall be entitled for deduction in lieu of FMT Services, provided to both the Parties as an aggregator;

B. The Teacher acknowledges that the FMT, in no manner, assures for business to the Teacher as FMT is merely and aggregator, henceforth, in case the Teacher is unable to engage any Student, the Teacher shall not be entitled for any refund of Teacher Subscription Fee;

C. In case the Teacher is under the opinion of FMT, engaging with the Students outside the Platform, after giving a demonstration class (“Demo Class”), upon sufficient diligence by the FMT, We shall have a right to cancel the Subscription of the Teacher, and the Teacher shall not be entitled to any refund from the FMT.

3. Additional reasons for denial of refunds/enrollment to Student(s)

A. The FMT shall, in no circumstances be liable to initiate a refund, in case the Student is under violation of any of the Policies of FMT, applicable on the Student;

B. In case, the Student engages himself/herself with any Teacher listed on the FMT Platform, upon conduct of demo classes with such Teacher, outside the FMT Platform;

C. The FMT shall make reasonable efforts to make the Student understand the benefits of engaging with the same Teacher through FMT Platform, however, if the Student still wishes to engage, the Student enrollment shall be removed by the FMT from the Platform.