Found My Teacher

Refund Policy

FMT doesn’t offer any refund once enrolment for the student is done.

We understand that the parent/learner have made an informed decision after multiple consultations and demos with a pool of teachers FMT has to offer before making their final decision with regard to their perfect teacher.

While FMT offers fixed number of sessions (12) and the same can be renewed, so as to avoid uncertainty, a parent/learner can begin with 6 sessions(non refundable) with their desired teacher to be 100% certain.

Our teachers take great pride in their noble profession and will deliver their best in every session and the parent understands and acknowledges the same. In case after the said number of sessions are done and the parent is unhappy with their teacher, FMT will offer them a replacement teacher if the parent so wishes.

In case if during the said sessions, the parent/learner feels the teacher is truly unable to deliver, FMT will find the parent/learners a replacement teacher to cover up the remaining enrolled sessions. Post completion, it is on the parent/learner to either continue with the new teacher or to completely discontinue with the platform.